Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Landfill Bin Survey

We start the Dustbin Diet with a Landfill bin survey and it has been no surprise to find that over 80% of students thought they filled their landfill bin every fortnight.  We clearly have work to do!

Students also reported that although there were recycling bins around the site they felt that most students were more likely to put recyclable rubbish into the nearest landfill bin.  As one of our workshops was held in the canteen, we talked particularly about the signs in the canteen area where lots of the recyclable waste was generated.  All the signs encouraged students to 'Bin It'.  There was no mention of the recycling bins and what should and shouldn't go into landfill bins.  Students thought that better posters encouraging recycling and recycling bins alongside landfill bins would encourage more students to recycle and would mean less waste for the school and therefore lower waste costs.

Later this year, students will present their book to the rest of their year group and will talk about their suggestions for reducing waste in school and at home.

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