Monday 11 November 2013

Neurodidactics - The Key to Good Practice in Education?

Thanks to my involvement with LEEF (London Environmental Educators' Forum) I have the privilege of taking part in the “iTongue: Our Multilingual Future” workshop in Stuttgart at the end of this week.

“iTongue: Our Multilingual Future” aims to bring together scientific knowledge about how people learn and  new mobile learning programmes (Apps) to help meet socio-educational as well as labour-market needs arising from demographic change and industry-migration in Europe.

That brings me to explain why I'm sitting on the floor in front of a log fire, candles burning, with my children's long ago abandoned coloured pencils and some bits of scrap paper - old handouts from past training courses from the days when we generally only used one side of the paper for fear that our printer would jam up if we tried to print on the other side.

I'm learning about neurodidactics. And I'm hoping that by applying all the techniques that I'm learning about I'll have a deeper understanding of the subject and will be able to recall the relevant information promptly and painlessly for ever more.  If only I could say the same about my German grammar!

The thing about mind maps is they only really help the person who made them, but if the pretty colours in the picture have piqued your interest, then you could always sit down with you own candles and coloured pencils and have a read about this fascinating and important science.  Here's a link:

And why the candles?  The clue's in the picture...

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