Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Primary School Visits in 2014

Since September I've been visiting primary schools talking to children about all the different things we can do to green up our daily lives just by making a few small changes to our habits.

Having visited a number of schools now, I've found it works best when the children have had a chance to read some of my book before the visit.  So learning as I go along, I've planned to send out boxes of books to schools on the first day of next term for those already booked in.  Visits will start in the third week of term.   For term 4 I will send books out at the beginning of February.

Another thing I learnt is that children do love to have their books signed, so please do allow some time for this if the children get to keep their books.

If you would like a school visit next term please email me at anna@dustbindiet.com.

Visits are free to schools purchasing a box of 30 books @ £180 which includes postage.

There will be a poster competition at the end of March for all participating primary schools.  Details of how to enter will accompany your books.

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